Danielle Maye

Precoce Attiguo


Data di nascita:Aprile 29, 1989

Paese:United Kingdom

Colore degli occhi:Blue

Colore dei capelli:Blonde

Altezza:5'10" | 178cm

Taglia reggiseno:34D (US)| 75E (EU)

Vita:25 | 64

Fianchi:36 | 91

Numero di scarpe:9 | 40

Since she first came knocking on the DDF door we haven't been able to get enough of Danielle Maye. The dirtly little blonde beauty has been a fan favorite since her debut in 2012 and since then she's developed quite a catalog of videos that include a lot of girl on girl action sprinkled with a bit of her dick teasing temptress side. Danielle is UK born and bred and she represents their finest blend of brains and beauty. Besides procuring her favorite fine art of fornication, she also finds time to dabble in another one of her favorite art forms, painting. She hopes one day to have an exhibition to reveal her artwork that pays tribute to the voluptuous and beautiful women that she so often gets to work with.