Anita Pearl



Data di nascita: Dicembre 27, 1987
Paese: Hungary
Colore degli occhi: Green
Colore dei capelli: Black
Altezza: 5'9" | 175cm
Taglia reggiseno: 32B (US)| 70C (EU)
Vita: 23 | 58
Fianchi: 35 | 89
Numero di scarpe: 8½ | 39

1/16/2017 Anita Pearl has been sending pulses to our poles since she first debuted on DDF in 2007 when she was barely legal and eager for action. Ever since then the stunning Hungarian with the seemingly endless legs has delivered some 23 dick quivering scenes during her long tenure working with our team, and Miss Pearl has been setting the screen on fire with her smoldering sensuality that she oozes out of every sweet orifice of hers. Anita prefers solo action and we quite fancy her alone, with out other distractions. Her amazing body has been splayed across magazines and strutted down the hottest fashion runways, but of course our favorite is when she's got them splayed in front of our cameras like she loves to do. We can always rely on Anita to invoke a good, gooey, release. Be sure not to miss any of her amazing masturbation action.

Improvise for Orgasms
Nestling with her Toy
Steamy Date Prep!
Steamy Date Prep!
Anita Pearl


16 min


Loving Her Dildo!
Loving Her Dildo!
Anita Pearl


21 min


Getting ready for her date!
Take a dirty letter, Miss Pearl!
Saucy casting of the Pearl!
Slender, graceful & erotic
Anita's hot and moist!
Totally horny young babe, Anita
Domination of the Pearl [Part 1]