Valentina Ricci

Valentina Ricci



Data di nascita: Agosto 31, 1992
Paese: Belgium
Colore degli occhi: green
Colore dei capelli: black
Altezza: 5'5" | 165cm
Taglia reggiseno: 38C (US)| 85D (EU)
Vita: 25 | 64
Fianchi: 36 | 91
Numero di scarpe: 6½ | 37

Belgium has just let one of their best kept secrets out of the bag. The voluptuous vixen, Valentina Ricci is now out and about, roaming the world, ready to play with your head - both of them. The busty black-haired beauty loves to be in control, and we love to watch her demoralize the slutty little subs who are banging down her door for a chance to get whipped into shape by her, literally. She's always been a wild one and once she got those tits affixed she decided it was her time to make her mark on the world, leaving us with marks to clean off of our ceilings. Next time you're craving a good, hard, stroke sesh take a look at Miss Ricci's videos, they're sure to cause a massive jizz explosion.